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Dec 31, 2008

LanCannon Holiday Special 2

Posted by jøn

We recently sponsored the LanCannon Holiday Special 2 event on December 27th in NY. The host, Reuben Hwang, was kind enough to send us some photos from the event which was a great success. Check out the photos here. Thanks again to Reuben and all who attended the LanCannon event!

Dec 22, 2008

Hacked 500RPM Chaingun How To

Posted by .aaron

We cranked up a dart blaster to 500 rounds per minute and added a round counter. That's as fast as an M60 Machine gun. Check out the how to at:

Dec 10, 2008

GameShark gift guide and more!

Posted by .aaron

We made the GameShark gift guide! Also, GamesRadar!

Happy Holidays!

Exclamation point!

Nov 17, 2008

Is this guy cool or what?!

Posted by .aaron

Mark followed our instructions and built a treadmill setup for his gaming and wrote his own script to control his character. We worked a little on ironing out the script and he sent us this email:

I made some recent adjustments to the setup, and now it works very well. The problem I ran into was with the Joytokey setup. The joystick I'm using is extremely sensitive, so when I would move to the left or the right, it would also move up or down slightly. This causes my character to stop moving. By not assigning a key to the up or down movement of the joystick I have solved the glitchyness problem. This is the most exercise I've gotten in a while... And it's also fun.

10 hours! We were whining about 5 minutes!

The script is below:

// Mouse2 walking script by Dark Vamprism []

//Speed is under here
Var.ForwardAt = 10 //This may need to be a negative number.
Var.BackwardAt = -10 //added this incase you cant walk back as fast.

mouse2.SwallowMovement = true

var.Delta = delta(mouse2.DirectInputY)
debug = var.Delta

//link keys to variables
key.Y = var.moveForward
key.y = var.moveBackward

if Var.Delta > Var.ForwardAt
var.moveForward = true
elseif Var.Delta < moveforward =" false" movebackward =" true" moveforward =" false" movebackward =" false">

Nov 5, 2008

Mana Potion available in New Locations!

Posted by .aaron

Check out our store locator and see all the new cool comic book stores that have been added. Maybe there's one in your area!

Nov 4, 2008


Posted by .aaron

I did.

Oct 6, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to E for All

Posted by .aaron

E for All went really well. We enjoyed meeting all the cool people who swung by our booth to hang out or chat. We were also very impressed by those who attempted the treadmill race. We'll post a youtube video of all the people who tried when we get a second to download the footage and sift through it. We are pretty tired after a big weekend, so I think it's time to drink a mana potion.

Overall, it was a fun show. I never got to try Gears of War 2 :-( because the lines were too long, but Eli and I managed to clock a lot of time on Defender and Spyhunter. Eli even got 2nd place on the Defender machine before it froze and had to be unplugged! I managed to get a 106 on the Gamer Aptitude Test after figuring out that there's a sensitivity setting on the mouse. A major highlight for me was watching Steve Wiebe get over a million points on Donkey Kong. I actually got the kill screen on tape!

Also, a big thank you to our mana girls: Jessica, Ashley, and Bethany. Not only did they do a great job running the booth, they even helped us tear down the booth and bring it back to the office!

I will continue to make posts about E for All throughout the week as we try to catch up on our work back at the office and go through our video and photos.

Oct 3, 2008

Steve wiebe at e for all!

Posted by .aaron

E for all head tattoo!

Posted by .aaron


E for all live blog 1

Posted by .aaron

Sep 17, 2008

Reh Dogg feat Mana Energy Potion

Posted by Elijah Szasz

Rap mogul Reh Dogg, who is known for such hits as "Wash Yu Underwear" and "I Need An Asian Girl", has recently posted his brilliant commercial for Mana Energy Potion. Apparently, Mana Energy Potions aren't just for long nights of gaming, but also for "jumping and running through the woods". Maybe The Eversong Woods? Probably. Check it out here and then check out every one of his equally awesome videos.

Aug 22, 2008

The Revision Fairy

Posted by .aaron

My girlfriend just launched her copy editing service. This is not really Mana related, but I'm posting it anyways because I'm proud of her. So if you need any of your writing edited at very reasonable rates, check out her website.

Also, she has a cool piece of fairy art by Tony Fleecs for her logo.

Aug 18, 2008

Face of the 5th cylon appears on toast!

Posted by .aaron

Is the 5th cylon a centurion? It's as good of a guess as any I've heard. In any case, here's an awesome piece of office art e/szasz did for the Mana Energy Potion office. You can read about how surprisingly hard it was to make and how you can make it yourself here.

Aug 7, 2008

Mana Energy Potions in Hot Topic!

Posted by .aaron

That's right: 420 locations all across the U.S. That means you can go in and satiate your mana requirements and not have to pay shipping. Check out our store locater for Hot Topics carrying mana in your state.

Aug 4, 2008

What did those t-shirts say?

Posted by .aaron



One of the charming people from Comic Con wrote us an email:

anyway, those shirts where pretty kick ass, Curious on what the front said (... but she had No MANA, on the back of'em make you wonder whats on the front ya know)
and got a free sample of your guys energy drink! That stuff is FREAKEN AMAZING!!!

So here are a couple pics of the t-shirts we were wearing.

The front says +160 to mana, the back says "...but she was out of MANA!"

Cpl. Awesome sent us this email and pic!

I'm in the Marine Corps and serving in Iraq. I'm do Convoy Security so I'm always outside the wire and I have to drive for long periods of time. Sometimes with very little sleep.

So my mom, little sister and brother sent me out a few boxes of your energy potion.

I thought it was great that I could fit 2 of them in my grenade pouch. I drank one before every night mission for the 3 weeks it took me to run out.

They made it over here ok, only 2 out of around 18 were broken.

It really helped me stay alert in some stressful situations. When I get back to the states and can actually play a video game again I'm gonna keep a few Mana Potions in my fridge. The LVL Grind is nothing compared to 6 months out here.

Jul 28, 2008

Daily Death Threat

Posted by .aaron

Thanks man!

I tried mana potion after a co-worker bought a few at frys. Before trying it out I check out your site for any clues that it might actually be posion, but after reading your hillarious site, I concluded that this energy shot is indeed made by gamers for gamers. While I did exprience the nicen flush, that did not turn me off of the drink. In fact, after the flush and the boost I felt better then ever! lvl 29 here I come...

In fact I liked your product so much that I featured it on the fron page of my guilds website.

With the +160 mana boost I was able to fend off the evil servers in the datacenter instance, and the boss dropped some fat loots!

Thanks for making a great product!

Jul 24, 2008

Comic con live blog

Posted by .aaron

So tired, but it was a great convention and we met all sorts of really
cool people.

Coming after my mana

Super Troopers

Crazy frakkin line

Inexplicable fireworks.

New knight rider

I always knew that he wasn't human. Toaster....

No hoff.

G4 party at Jade

I just handed Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show a box of Mana
Potion. He showed it off on the live broadcast and I proceeded to get
attacked by fans looking for free goods. Thanks for the plug, Kevin!

> Eli tried dipping hamachi sashimi in mana potion instead of soy
> sauce. It was awful. Mana potion is for drinking, not dipping, you
> fool!
> However, +160 mana to his hamachi, it almost revived his yellowtail.

No Pikachu, NO!!!


AAA Anime Booth

Jul 23, 2008

Daily Death Threat

Posted by .aaron

Of awesomeness! David at sent us a pleasant death threat:

So this isn't a death threat. More a we love your Manapotions measage of peace. Just recently I purchased Manapotions and i must say that they are great. So great that i had to draw this in my spare time. Keep up the great work. I'm off to buy more Mana.


and this kick-ass picture...

I didn't know we had a message of peace (see our tagline), but I think I'm going to print out this picture and hang it on my to my axe.

Jul 21, 2008

Mana Energy Potion better than 3G

Posted by Elijah Szasz

Once again, it looks as though users prefer Mana Energy Potion over the new iPhone. recently gave Mana Energy Potion an average user rating of 8.2 whereas CNET's average user rating for the new iPhone was only 6.9. Please disregard the fact that there is only one user review so far or that there is no correlation between these sites or the mentioned products. Nonetheless, posted a great review that you can check out here. There's another good one at

Jul 15, 2008


Posted by .aaron

This is pretty ridiculous, but Eli and I couldn't help but to make an airsoft gun into a bluetooth headset to use with our iPhones. Yes, you stick the barrel in your ear to listen, and yes, you pull the trigger to start and end calls. We posted an instructable, and it got posted to Hackaday, Gizmodo, and Engadget.

Here is the video of us showing the iGiveUp to people in the iPhone line on Friday:

Jul 9, 2008

Feature on Otaku USA!

Posted by .aaron

We dropped off a sample of Mana Energy Potion at Anime Expo this year to the cool guys at Otaku. Check out the article! They've also got some Mega Man 9 footage over there.

p.s. If you were wondering, that's me, .aaron, on the left and e/szasz on the right in the picture.

Jul 3, 2008

Mana Energy Potion Respawn!!!!1!11

Posted by .aaron

We're shipping from our webstore again! Please also look for Mana Energy Potions at your local Fry's Electronics and comic book stores. Thinkgeek's supply is on the wagon and headed east, so they should have it soon.

Here's a gratuitous shot of the floor displays you'll see in Fry's. Also, the new blue color, and the 12-pack display that you get if you order 12 or more potions from our webstore.

Mana Energy Potions is no longer AFK.

Feb 27, 2008

Death Threat: The Legend Continues

Posted by .aaron

Yet another death threat, this time from Hunter:

"im gunna kill you for making such an effective awesome drink! i will use firebolt with the mana it gave me! grrrrrrrrrr"

Feb 25, 2008

New Product Photos

Posted by .aaron

Gary Copeland took some product photos for us this weekend. Here is our six-pack photo.

Feb 20, 2008

Our Best Fan Ever

Posted by Elijah Szasz

.aaron and I have made it a long-standing rule to never go after the same girl, but we've made an exception here. We were thinking of a M,W,F/T,Th split with the three day bundle given to that week's Guitar Hero champion, and then alternating weekends. Fair? Check out the dope tunes on herspace.

We're Number One

Posted by .aaron

Look at the top of the Customer Favorites at ThinkGeek. It's Mana Energy Potion! Have no fear, they'll be back in stock at ThinkGeek soon.

Feb 15, 2008

Mana Energy Potions on the MMO Report

Posted by .aaron

The MMO Report, um, reported on Mana Energy Potions on their February 15th show. Check it out! It's a fun show, with a format similar to The Daily Show or the Colbert Report.

From a recent customer:

"I drink 2-3 monsters a day as well as numerous cups of coffee and never EVER get a buzz like I just got drinking one of these…"

2-3 monsters a day! Wow, um, be careful man, but thanks for the cool feedback!

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Thinkgeek does! DHL will not ship to APO/FPO addresses, but Thinkgeek will because they’re awesome (and they use a different shipping system). They sell six-packs of Mana Energy Potion. Read these instructions on addressing and order some Mana Energy Potion for your aircraft carrier.

For everyone with an APO/FPO address that has already ordered. I'm going to trudge down to the post office and ship these things out via USPS. I hear they might even make me write stuff with a pen. I hear that pens are nothing like laser printers.

Feb 8, 2008

ThinkGeek Now Selling Mana Energy Potion!

Posted by Elijah Szasz

The biggest and baddest online retailer for everything geektacular is now officially selling Mana Energy Potion! Check out their awesome product description:

"You've been there before. You are playing your level 70 priest and are about to cast Circle of Healing to revitalize your group during a raid in the bowels of Azeroth's nether regions. But alas, you've been playing for 40 hours straight, and you fall asleep before you can cast the spell. And then everyone in your group dies. And then they all hate you. All because you couldn't stay awake. Loser. Well, let us deliver your salvation from this impending disaster. Let us gift you with more Mana - Mana Energy Potion, that is."

Read the rest here and make sure to also pick up two of my personal favorites, BSG Sweatshirts and some lightsabers.

Feb 6, 2008


Posted by .aaron

We had the immeasurable honor of co-hosting Geekscape with Jonathan. On the episode, Jonathan does something you're really, REALLY not supposed to do with Mana Potions, comics get reviewed, and Brian tells the story of one of the grossest "pranks" I've ever heard. By "prank," I mean something that might get you killed.

Download it on itunes (search for Geekscape, it's a free download), or get it some other place that I haven't found yet. In either case, Geekscape is an awesome show, and you should at least download Episode 59: The Perfect Lightsaber, which may, in fact, describe the perfect lightsaber. You may have guessed that from the title.

Thanks to Chad for the still photo!