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Jul 3, 2008

Mana Energy Potion Respawn!!!!1!11

Posted by .aaron

We're shipping from our webstore again! Please also look for Mana Energy Potions at your local Fry's Electronics and comic book stores. Thinkgeek's supply is on the wagon and headed east, so they should have it soon.

Here's a gratuitous shot of the floor displays you'll see in Fry's. Also, the new blue color, and the 12-pack display that you get if you order 12 or more potions from our webstore.

Mana Energy Potions is no longer AFK.


Anskiere said...

Do they still taste the same with the new blue? :)

Curious said...

How can I order a couple bottles from Ontario, Canada?

.aaron said...

Anskiere: they're very similar in taste except that most people prefer the new blue. It's a little less of a punch in the face because it's 50ml instead of 40ml.

Curious: Thinkgeek will have some soon, you can get them from them.


Michael said...

I love this... and the fact they look like wow greater mana potions is a huge plus!!!

I have a ton of them sitting on my desk at work, and now when I get tried of casting hammer of justice (via crumpled paper balls) I down a pot and continue my smiting!!!