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Jul 24, 2008

Comic con live blog

Posted by .aaron

So tired, but it was a great convention and we met all sorts of really
cool people.

Coming after my mana

Super Troopers

Crazy frakkin line

Inexplicable fireworks.

New knight rider

I always knew that he wasn't human. Toaster....

No hoff.

G4 party at Jade

I just handed Kevin Pereira from Attack of the Show a box of Mana
Potion. He showed it off on the live broadcast and I proceeded to get
attacked by fans looking for free goods. Thanks for the plug, Kevin!

> Eli tried dipping hamachi sashimi in mana potion instead of soy
> sauce. It was awful. Mana potion is for drinking, not dipping, you
> fool!
> However, +160 mana to his hamachi, it almost revived his yellowtail.

No Pikachu, NO!!!


AAA Anime Booth


Adrienne said...

Ewwww!!!! You guys need help!!!

Things manapotion goes well with: 3-5 shots of vodka, soda, frozen yogurt, RPGs (not rocket-propelled grenades)

Things manapotion doesn’t go well with: 10-20 shots of vodka, sleep, infants, HAMACHI!

Jonathan van Belle said...

Mana potion is an excellent addition to most ethiopian entrees; particularly the quarter-pounder with cheese.

I have to respectfully disagree with Adrienne: mana potion goes well with infants--but it takes some mastering of that puree button.

God Bless.