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Feb 8, 2008

ThinkGeek Now Selling Mana Energy Potion!

Posted by Elijah Szasz

The biggest and baddest online retailer for everything geektacular is now officially selling Mana Energy Potion! Check out their awesome product description:

"You've been there before. You are playing your level 70 priest and are about to cast Circle of Healing to revitalize your group during a raid in the bowels of Azeroth's nether regions. But alas, you've been playing for 40 hours straight, and you fall asleep before you can cast the spell. And then everyone in your group dies. And then they all hate you. All because you couldn't stay awake. Loser. Well, let us deliver your salvation from this impending disaster. Let us gift you with more Mana - Mana Energy Potion, that is."

Read the rest here and make sure to also pick up two of my personal favorites, BSG Sweatshirts and some lightsabers.