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Oct 6, 2008

Thanks to everyone who came to E for All

Posted by .aaron

E for All went really well. We enjoyed meeting all the cool people who swung by our booth to hang out or chat. We were also very impressed by those who attempted the treadmill race. We'll post a youtube video of all the people who tried when we get a second to download the footage and sift through it. We are pretty tired after a big weekend, so I think it's time to drink a mana potion.

Overall, it was a fun show. I never got to try Gears of War 2 :-( because the lines were too long, but Eli and I managed to clock a lot of time on Defender and Spyhunter. Eli even got 2nd place on the Defender machine before it froze and had to be unplugged! I managed to get a 106 on the Gamer Aptitude Test after figuring out that there's a sensitivity setting on the mouse. A major highlight for me was watching Steve Wiebe get over a million points on Donkey Kong. I actually got the kill screen on tape!

Also, a big thank you to our mana girls: Jessica, Ashley, and Bethany. Not only did they do a great job running the booth, they even helped us tear down the booth and bring it back to the office!

I will continue to make posts about E for All throughout the week as we try to catch up on our work back at the office and go through our video and photos.


Rob Krum said...

Hey there guys! Gordon Freeman/Street Fighter Artist Scout here. It was absolutely awesome running into you guys again after happening to brush past you back at SD:CC. I can safely say your guys' booth was an absolute hit there! It was also quite fun to be a Guitar Hero judge with one of the Mana Girls and Walter Day! That was some pretty fun stuff. I can't wait to see what kind of fun you guys have in store for people in the future!

Iysabel said...

Hey Guys!

Thanks for chattin with me at E For All :) I have been a fan of your product since the glass bottle!

Look for our review of your product on!

Thanks again!

mark said...
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