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Jul 21, 2009

SpeedGamers Exceed Goal

Posted by jøn

The SpeedGamers have passed their initial goal of raising $20,000 for ACT Today for Autism after less than 4 days of game play! They have set a new goal of $50,000 for the event. The event is still live for the next few days!

The SpeedGamers are attempting to beat Final Fantasy 1 - 12 over the course of 7 days, all broadcasting live alongside a gameplay feed, commentator video feed, and chat room.

We are the premiere sponsor for the event, and the top five donators will receive a super exclusive Mana Energy Potion Gift Pack, and the follow-up top five donators will receive a Mana wristband and 4pack of Mana/Health.

UPDATE: The SpeedGamers have raised over $50,000 for ACT Today with the conclusion of their live event! Thank you to all who have donated!