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Jul 20, 2009

Mana & ijji in Blast Magazine

Posted by jøn

Blast Magazine caught up with Aaron Rasmussen of Mana Energy Potions and Calvin Yang of ijji to talk a bit about the on-going Lunia promotion, Mana/Health potions, and the choice between casting fireballs or possessing telekinetic powers.

Here is a little taste of the interview:

BLAST: Does your Mana Potion promotion rival the pure stealth and deadliness of Solid Snake? Can I make a better convoluted and cheesy gaming reference?

AR: Nothing rivals the stealth and deadliness of Solid Snake. Nothing! It’s heresy to even ask that question.

Calvin Yang:
The promotion is nothing like the pure stealth or deadliness of Solid Snake. Besides, Solid Snake is too grumpy and self-centered for the comparison, not to mention he smokes too much. Lunia is a much friendlier and livelier environment. I suggest a comparison to Mario instead — kid-friendly, yet surprisingly deep and involved. When boosted with power-ups, Mario is invincible. With our collaboration with Harcos, we give power to the gamers both in-game and in real life.

Want to see more? You can read the full article here!