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May 12, 2009

Mana in Wall Street Journal

Posted by jøn

The Wall Street Journal printed an article yesterday about cost effective techniques for exhibitors at trade shows. Our very own Aaron Rasmussen made the article on behalf of Mana Energy Potions:

"When it comes to outfitting your booth, consider used display materials, says Aaron Rasmussen, co-founder of Harcos LLC, Santa Monica, Calif., the maker of Mana Energy Potion, an energy drink for gamers. In September, he spent $950 on a used backdrop that normally sells for $1,100 new. “Some companies buy them, use them once and return them,” he says."

This money-saving solution and many more from other exhibitors can be found in the article here!

Who would have thought that a magical potion would end up in the Wall Street Journal? Cool, huh?

And btw, we are very proud of this:


James_v_v said...

Thats pretty awesome you guys made the Journal! Gotta say that pic looks familure...