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Apr 21, 2009

Twas Beauty Killed the Beast

Posted by jøn

Now perhaps someone can revive him. Our Donkey Kong machine recently went on the fritz and we need a person who knows how to fix it! The screen seems to be doing this odd scrolling motion, primarily from the top (see photo). Although it was fun trying to play with the added challenge, it definitely may cause one of us to have epileptic seizures. Aaron messed around with the back to try to get rid of the abnormality but we could only seem to speed up the scrolling motion.

If you happen to know what is going on or a possible fix, we would love to hear it! Send your thoughts to!


Omnishe said...

Have you ever noticed the 1337speak while fighting a raid boss? If you kill it, everyone congratulates the strategy, quick thinking rogue, or whatever using "...FTW!". But, fail and you will see "...WTF!" Not a Palindrome, but close enough when you're a gamer.

Random Thought from Omnishe the rogue and TOLA Sales partner to Sodapop the lazer chicken.

Omnishe said...

Oh, and Kong for joo! :P


Evan G said...

It might be the power supply filter. The capacitors (which might be causing the problem) should a value of somewhere around 300-400 uF (microfarads). You can measure it with a oscilloscope or a meter that is sensitive to ripple. If this is the issue, it is causing a ripple on the DC power supply voltages.

If you can find them, you can try and replace the large capacitors.

Actually replacing them, would involve desoldering the old ones and resoldering the new ones in.

Hope that helps,


.aaron said...

@Evan G: Thanks man! That's a good guess. I only have a multimeter here, no oscilloscope. I think we're going to get help from a specialist on this one, but I'd kick myself if all I had to do was solder in another capacitor.