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Apr 8, 2009

Glowing Health Potion Hack

Posted by .aaron

I ran across this surfing Instructables and was pretty amused. Someone put an LED and a battery in a health potion to make it a glowing desk ornament. I'm not sure why just the top of the potion is glowing or why it looks so strange, but maybe if the LED were upside down the whole bottle would glow. It's really cool seeing a health potion bottle used in a hack though!

In any case, has anyone else done something like this? If so, send us your pics at . We'll post them here.


jøn said...

Is that Iron Man in the background?

Skulda said...

I don't know why, but the other day I was looking at my potion bottles on my desk and thought that they would be a neat string of lights to decorate our computer room. I've seen similar shaped holiday light strings. :P "New Mana Pot lights! Available in blue, red, and multi!"
...but I don't think it would be very safe of me to hook a bunch of potion bottles to lights. >.<
(with that being said, I would buy them if you made them.)