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Mar 2, 2009

Millennium FAIL-con

Posted by jøn

"Hans Olo" is unable to fit in his smuggler cargo.

So as you may know, we are all pretty big SW buffs here at the office, and Eli had gotten a Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon for his daughter for her birthday. Upon further investigation of the Falcon, we were definitely confused by some of the "updates" to the model, including the new "Escape pod" and lack of two turret seats for the gunners. This led into a full on critique of the design. We concluded that we want a scale version of the Millennium Falcon on the market in place of this imposter.

Since when does the M.F. have an escape pod?


.aaron said...

Despite the inaccuracy, we still love playing with it.

Derek said...

that is quite absurd to disgrace SW like that. the designers arent thinking of the screen acuracy, they are thinking of play value. kids want something that pops out at the push of a button, like a escape pod. the lack of gunner seats and that he doesnt fit in the smuggler compartment bother me also :(

bob said...

This is disappointing.

Interesting thought. In most SW and Star Trek, every ship is right side up. Space doesn't have gravity so why wouldn't a ship be upside down? or sideways? It's always the same.


jøn said...

Yeah, I definitely stayed until approximately 11pm playing out an epic Death Star battle chase with Chewbacca hanging onto the Satellite dish.

David said...

I just watched A New Hope last night and when the M.F. is in the Death Star, one of the officers mentions that all of the escape pods were jettisoned before Vader has two dorks scan the ship.

.aaron said...

David, good point! We totally forgot that. So much for our line-accurate retellings of A New Hope around the camp fire. That takes care of the escape pod, but we're still missing a gunner's chair :-)