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Mar 5, 2009

Daily Death Threat #32443

Posted by .aaron

Instead of death threats, we usually get satisfied customer replies at our infamous address, although we don't mind death threats either. So here's one from the indubitably awesome George:

I was a little skeptical at first look since there was a bit of a beefy price tag. 40GP is a bit high when compared to other energy drinks/shots, but I decided what the hell, I might just not regret it, so I walked out with some obnoxiously big dice and 2 potions. (Mana, and health respectively)

All I can say is WOW, that's some good kick, well worth the 40GP spent on each, I'm a college student and the mana potion turned out to be just what I needed to recharge before the end game. Finals this semester were easier than slaying the dragon for once. Keep the potions coming, I've got a few semesters left.