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Jan 21, 2009

Spectacular-like Review on IGN!

Posted by .aaron

The guys over at IGN wrote some very cool things about Health Energy Potion. You can check out the extremely entertaining article here.

Here are some totally out-of-context highlights:

It's pretty dang good, might I say, and it certainly gives off some pretty cool vibes in a matter of minutes...Seriously, they taste good, and give you energy. What else do you want?
- Mark Bozon

Needless to say, I was quite impressed by the Health Potion. I was always a big fan of the product's concept because its ties to gaming, but now I have a flavor that I am truly fond of. It may just replace my morning ritual, I'm sure the California Highway Patrol will be most pleased. - Scott Lowe

As a side note, I actually got to meet these guys and they are really cool. You should believe everything they say. Everything.


Rob Krum said...

Ohhh, great stuff guys! Can't wait to try it out! With school starting back up and work being so demanding, I think some Mana and Health potions can cover both my bases!