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Jan 21, 2009

600 RPM Nerf Gun Contest Winner!

Posted by jøn

Congratulations to Robert Jamail II who won the 600 RPM Nerf Gun Mod Contest! Robert's dual-can Vulcan turret fires an amazing 1000 rounds per minute, stomping our contest request of 600. We here at Mana Energy Potion salute you Robert, a pimpologist in the world of Nerf. As an awesome prize, Robert will receive a six pack of both Mana Energy Potion and Health Energy Potion as well as some cool Mana swag! Check out his amped up Vulcan in action here:


shinma22 said...

You guys Rock!

rschlagle said...

Is it really 1000 RPM? Or just 2 500 RPM ?

Daniel said...

its 2 @ 500RPM which Personally I believe defeats the purpose of even amping up the fire rate, I got mine to shoot at 750 RPM at 36 volts, 1000rpm my posterior.

I am disappointed that was the victor.

Daniel said...

Just wait, once i get a second gun i will have 1500RPM but who wants to lug around 2 guns?

Sean Blackler said...

Your video skills suck Daniel. I would be unable to verify you "claim" of 750 RPM with that crappy footage.