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Feb 5, 2008

Another funny death threat

Posted by .aaron

This is one of the sweetest death threats we've gotten...awwwww. You rock L!

Subject: May Imps and Deamons...


... take you!

Hello you guys,

Here's a (not so) serious death threat from Germany. Let me state my cause:

I am an enthusiastic role-playing gamer (pen & paper) who has seen her days of cruel "reality hang-over" due to long, intense, and enthralling RPG sessions. Now, I'm absolutely thrilled by your idea of putting mana into bottles and selling it. What a wonderful idea. What a bliss for the gaming community!

But why - in the name of the greater being called ... (insert your god of choice here) - do I have to wait until you conquer the European market with your valuable and oh so welcome product? Did I do anything wrong in my former existence(s)? Did I not gather enough experience points?

Oh my, I suppose that I have to settle with some ordinary and inglorious Red Bull (TM) for now until you'll decide to sell global...

Meekly presenting my death threat in this spirit,

Sincerely yours,



Great internet appearance - I very much like your web layout and artwork
- and seriously: It's a very cool idea for an energy drink! Hope you'll have all the success you deserve. - Greetings, L.